Jobs-On-Chain Weekly, Vol. 4

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If you follow blockchain-related news, it’s likely you’re aware of an emerging use-case within the crypto ecosystem called Open Finance or #DeFi (decentralized finance).

Put simply, open finance is an assortment of conventional financial solutions and marketplaces built on open-source blockchain protocols (most commonly Ethereum). These solutions unlock significant value for users by removing all central intermediaries (banks, third-parties, etc..) and enabling individuals to freely access & manage their financial assets.

Examples of open finance solutions include: decentralized lending platforms, exchanges & open marketplaces, stablecoins, and smart contract-based asset management funds.


The demand for open finance has exploded in 2019, and a new wave of crypto startups have arrived in a rush to capitalize on the growth. This includes dozens of venture-backed companies working on many different solutions (read: “The 100+ Projects Pioneering Decentralized Finance”).

Open finance certainly appears to be a sector worth exploring, given its rapid growth & long-term potential. Below are some educational resources to learn more about DeFi:

  • DeFi Pulse - tracks key metrics and growth of leading #DeFi projects

  • DeFi Prime - education, resources & statistics for #DeFi

  • Loan Scan - find the best interest rates in DeFi for borrowers & lenders

Additionally, Jobs-On-Chain Weekly is excited to announce the inclusion of a new job listings category for DeFi, launching next week! You will soon be able to effortlessly monitor new opportunities in this emerging space.


This week’s edition features 29 new jobs (27 full-time, 2 internships). We’ve assembled them in the following categories for easy filtering:

  1. Engineering/product

  2. UI/UX design

  3. Marketing/business development

  4. Other/non-tech are included.

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New Jobs: Engineering/Product

(9 full-time jobs, 1 internship)

New Jobs: UI/UX Design

(4 full-time jobs)

New Jobs: Marketing/Business Development

(11 full-time jobs, 1 internship)

New Jobs: Other/Non-Tech

(3 full-time jobs)